For me, music means family and culture as much as relaxation or creative outlet. I've been performing Celtic "folk" with my sisters Pamela and Laura, and our cousin George Cavanaugh, for something like sixteen years, but we've been singing together since we were old enough to talk. Although I think of myself as a writer, music has always been there, playing in the background. You can hear us in action on Alasdair Mhic Colla.

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Les girls -- me, Pam and Laurie waiting for showtime. Les boys -- guitarists John and Cousin George. George and I on our way to another gig...


1990, Woodenship Records
Produced and arranged by Mark Romano
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Silver Darlings
Wae's Me for Prince Charlie
Island Spinning Song
Fear A' Bhata
Star of the County Down
Ca' the Yowes
Siuthad A' Bhalachaibh/Hi Ho Somhairle
Lea Rig
Wooden Ships
Tell Me Ma
Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh
Spinning Wheel
Caolas Eader Mi Is Iain

Were we ever this young? This was our first album. I believe I was fifteen. (No, really.) Very traditional, but I think fresh -- mostly because we were so young and so enthusiastic. I got the opportunity to sing Burns' "Lea Rig," which is one of his romantic songs.

1992, Woodship Records
.Produced and arranged by Mark Romano
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Castle Dangerous
Bonnie Glen Shee
Gypsies in the Woods
Black is the Color
The Irish Boy
Night Falls
Mile Marbhaisg Air Ghaol (A Thousand Curses on Love)
Kirkconnell Lee
Loch Lomond
The Gallant Forty Twa
Lament for Mary Queen of Scots
A' Bhean Eudach (The Jealous Woman)
My Harry Was a Highland Gaye
Castle Dangerous (reprise)

Our only "theme" album. The songs are all centered around adventure, murder and passion. Very romantic. This is still my favorite album in many respects. I wrote "Gypsies in the Woods" with my old pal Yvonne MacLeod. By the way, our grandmother actually was kidnapped (briefly) by gypsies. They were Canadian gypsies, so I don't know if that really counts. (HEY! Canadians ALWAYS count! -- the web guy).

Christmas Travelers

1995, Woodenship Records
Produced and arranged by The Browne Sisters & George Cavanaugh
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Christmas in Carrick
White Christmas
Carol of an Irish Cabin
The Christmas Song
O Holy Night
There's Always Tomorrow
Holly Jolly Christmas
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Let it Snow
Blue Christmas
We Three Kings
Christmas in Kilarney
Silent Night

The holidays, and especially Christmas, are festive times at the old Browne HQ. To me, this album captures the cozy fun of all of us sitting around the fire, singing and, well, doing the things Browne Sisters do (including, yes, watching Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer for the zillionth time).

1996, Woodenship Records
Produced and engineered by Mark Romano
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The Queen of Argyll
City of Chicago
The Fisherman's Song
Buain A`Rainich
Come Out Ye Black & Tan
Both Sides of the Tweed
The Day of The Clipper
Easy and Slow
Will Ye Gang, Love
The Bonnie Blue

Musical shift here as we began to combine our traditional roots with more contemporary elements. Despite the electric guitars and drums, I think it stays true to the spirit and feel of Celtic music-and it's more reflective of our own musical taste. Pam and Laurie were generous enough to let me solo "Will Ye Gang, Love?" a song we all loved.

2000, Browne Sisters Records
Produced by Grant Sorenson, The Browne Sisters and George Cavanaugh and John Allan

Alasdair Mhic Colla...Listen to/Download the MP3
From Clare To Here
Four Green Fields
The Black and Tan
Old Woman
Siuthad A' Bhalachaibh/Hi Ho Somhairle
Wild Mountain Thyme
Drunken Sailor
The Four Mairis
Loving Hannah
Back Home in Derry
You Couldn't Have Come at a Better Time
Misty Moisty Morning
Danny Boy
Poison Glen

This was recorded at the Bob Burns restaurant in Woodland Hills where we had a Tuesday night gig for about a hundred years. The restaurant was torn down the following morning--and with it went a few decades of Celtic music from a variety of great performers. So this album was kind of our ultimate souvenir of a long and happy run -- and a toast to a cast of thousands.


2004, Browne Sisters Records
Produced by The Browne Sisters and George Cavanaugh David Chamberlin and John Allan
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Ready for the Storm
Spancil Hill
Oro Se Do Bheatta Bhaile (You Are Welcome Home)
Bonnie Portmore
The Carlton Weaver (Nancy Whiskey)
Dark As a Dungeon
Wuthering Heights
Bound for South Australia
Cro Chinn T-Saile (The Cattlefold of Kintail)
You'll Never Leave Harlan alive
Spanish Lady
This Land is Mine
Northwest Passage

Our long-awaited, long-promised new studio album is out at last, and it's our most eclectic yet. We cover traditional favourites like The Carlton Weaver (Nancy Whiskey) and Bound for South Australia, some Gaelic tunes, and some more contemporary songs by Stan Rogers, Dido and even Kate Bush!. I get to sing Wuthering Heights, and Kevin thinks our version of this song is the best he's ever heard. If he knows what's good for him...


Produced by John MacLean Allan

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Slow Air /Hornpipe -Dark Island/The Bulgarian Bandit
Star of the County Down
This Moment
Letting Love In
John's Jig Set House
Love Can Never Change
Amazing Grace
Siuthadaibh Bhlachaidh
Strathspey/Jig-Miss Victoria Ross/Glasgow Police
Back Home in Derry
Going Home

This was recorded by our lead guitarist, John McLean Allan. Pam, Laura and I (and George!) got to sing on it. John has played with The Chieftains, Korn, Joe Cocker, and the LA Scots Pipe Band.  "Stand Easy" contains traditional and Contemporary songs featuring vocals, bagpipes, whistle, mandolin, electric guitars, bass and drums. For more about John's music, go to his own web page at

Produced by John MacLean Allan

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Mist Covered Mountains/Greenwood Side/The Drunken Piper
The Piobaireachd of Donald Dhu/All the Blue bonnets Over the Border/The Cock O' the North
Scotland the Brave/The Rowan Tree/Wings/Scotland the Brave (reprise)
Amazing Grace
Bonnie Dundee/The Glendaurel Highlanders/Farewell to the Creeks
The Banks of Loch Eil/Glasgow Police Pipers
The Green Hills of Tyrol/When the Battles O'er Lochanside
Skye Boat Song/No Awa' Tae Bide Awa'/Mhairi's Wedding
Leaving Lismor/Paddy's Leather Breaches
Flowers of the Forest
A Man's a Man for All That/The Earl of Mansfield
Going Home/The Marine Corps Hymn
Scots Wha Hae/The Brown Haired Maiden/High Road to Gairloch/Highland Laddie
Auld Lang Syne/Will Ye no Come Back Again

In the liner notes to this truly solo album, John says: "Both as a lover and player of the bagpipes, I would like to present thirty-four classic tunes performed solo on the Great highland Bagpipe." And that's exactly what he delivers! To order this album, or learn more about John's music, go to his web page at

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