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The Mary Kelly Stories revolve around a young PI in the 1930s. Fresh out of college, Kelly works as an op for the Brannigan Detective Agency in Los Angeles. A little more Nancy Drew than Sam Spade, Kelly struggles to prove herself to her male co-workers and her slightly cynical boss, Mr. B.---and maybe even to herself a little.

Inspired by Mr. Hammett, our girl Kelly writes pulp fiction stories by night: she still hasn't quite figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. If she grows up. After all, the P.I. racket is kind of dangerous for a dame...

Introducing Mary Kelly, rookie private eye and wannabe pulp writer, in a twisted little tale of when East meets West.

Forget it, Mary... it's Chinatown.

Now available on Kindle.

Mary Kelly, junior private eye, goes undercover as a nurse to investigate some very strange goings-on involving an ancient Egyptian mummy and a crazy, mixed-up family at the Beachamp Mansion.

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