A few more reviews of works by Diana you might be interested in.

(April 2001; by Diana Killian). Buy this book

Reviewed by Joan Hall Hovey, author of Nowhere To Run
Diana Killian's romantic suspense novel, The Art of Dying, is further proof of that old adage "You canít judge a book by its cover." The lack of a graphic on the front has absolutely no bearing on the content of the novel, with its many twists and turns, loads of lovely romance ñ not the sort you so often see these days that could almost serve as an anatomy lesson ñ but passionate and sexy, threaded through with dark intrigue. The author does a skilled job of balancing the mystery and romance in the book. Her writing is taut and sensuous."

(2001, Down These Wicked Streets). Buy this book

Reviewed by Steven Jones, author of King of Harlem
"The best story of the bunch is Browne's own "Just One of Those Things," which introduces detective Mary Kelly. "Just One of Those Things" has all the ambiance and adventure of a solid BLACK MASK pulp detective story, but it is primarily a sad parable about beautiful high society and movie people who refuse to own up to their responsibilities. People who end up paying the ultimate price when, instead, they attempt to bury their mistakes.

Browne's style is polished and confident, she has a knack for intriguing phrases (two examples: "I felt the brush of his charm in my bones" and "I may not always land on my feet, but the good thing about landing on your knees is you're in a perfect position to beg"), and she rarely forgets to color descriptions with fragrances. (Diana) is a writer worth watching and reading."


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