By Diana Killian

The Mantra for Murder Mysteries will follow the comic misadventures of freelance publicist, sometime amateur-sleuth and full-time Jersey Girl A.J. Alexander as she tries to deal with her wacko mother and the Yoga studio she's inherited from her late, beloved Aunt Diantha.

Dial Om for Murder
The second book in the Mantra for Murder Mysteries
Coming in november from Berkley
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When one of A.J.'s celebrity yoga students gets permanently bent out of shape, and another is accused of the crime, A.J. has no choice but to position herself as a sleuth to find the real killer.

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Corpse Pose
The first book in the Mantra for Murder Mysteries
Now available from Berkley
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Recovering from a failed marriage and a serious case of career burnout, freelance marketing consultant A.J. Alexander is ready for a change—but the news that her beloved Aunt Diantha, a revered yoga instructor and brilliant businesswoman, has been murdered, is not what A.J. had in mind.

So it’s a total surprise when the trip to rural New Jersey with her mother, former British sex kitten Ellie Mason, awakens her spirit to the possibility of a new life. Not as big a surprise, however, as discovering gorgeous police detective Jake Oberlin suspects her of murder…


"Diana Killian rises above the standard cozy cliches to create a fresh, solid, and most importantly entertaining, kickoff to her new yoga-themed series with Corpse Pose... As seems mandatory in cozies these days, we also have the possible love interest who is the investigating officer and an embarrassing family... And yet Corpse Pose makes it all work beautifully, turning these old standards into something new. Part of it is the characterization: Killian makes all of her characters three dimensional... But the biggest star is Killian's writing. Not only does she mark a distinctive shift between the frenetic life in Manhattan and the slower, calmer pace of Stillbrook, New Jersey, she peppers the book with little bits that just sparkle, in both dialog and narrative...

Corpse Pose is the best a cozy can be. Even if you're not that fond of yoga, there is plenty to keep you entertained."
-- Linnea Dodson, Reviewing the Evidence

"This is the kind of story that began my interest in mysteries: great setting, engrossing story, plenty of suspects, and characters to care about. I look forward to more from this talented author."
Deborah Hern, CA Reviews

"The character of A.J. is funny, frantic, and a hoot to follow around in this particular new series. Definitely worth the time."
-- Affaire de Coeur

"Killian's light yoga twist enhances a nicely executed cozy."
-- Publisher's Weekly

"The support cast is one of the major reasons that this series is going to be a hit. Diana Killian provides a delightfully entertaining amateur sleuth tale."
-- Genre Go Round Reviews

"With more twists and turns than the most difficult yoga position, Diana Killian's Corpse Pose is sure to leave readers breathless."
-- Madelyn Alt, author of Hex Marks the Spot

"Diana Killian has outdone herself with this first book in her new series. Corpse Pose has it all from well-written plot, sharp prose, wit and humor that had me rolling with laughter and memorable characters who I definitely want to read more about. As aheroine A.J. is delightful, witty and smart. You don'thave to be into yoga to enjoy Ms. Killian's Corpse Pose, but you may find yourself doing thedownward dog before you're finished. Fun, fun, fun!"
-- Michele Scott, author of the Wine Lover's Mysteries

Corspe Pose is now available for order through your favorite indie or mystery bookstore, and you can read an excerpt right now.


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